Video: The Wolfgang Lackerschmid Connection – Slinky

Magic Brewery Release Tour 2013
Live at the Lindenhalle Ehingen” (11.10.2013)
Composed by Mark Egan
Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vib)
Mark Egan (b)
Karl Latham (dr)
Ryan Carniaux (trp)

Video: Slow ballad by Mark Egan Band – Bratislava Jazz Days 2007

Mark Egan, John Abercrombie and Anthony Pinciotti behind the drumset playing some slow balladic song on Bratislava Jazz Days. Saturday night, 20th of october, PKO (Park of Culture and Recreation).

Video: Mark Egan & John Abercrombie on Bratislava Jazz Days 2007

Song fragment performed by Mark Egan, John Abercrombie and drummer Anthony Pinciotti on Bratislava Jazz Days in PKO (Park Of Culture and Recreation), Bratislava. Saturday night, 20th of October 2007.

Video: Pedulla Pentabuzz Demo with Mark Egan

Mark explains his love of the Pedulla Pentabuzz and gives plenty of tips and advice on how to get the most out of your Pedulla (along with some great stories!). Video by MV Pedulla Guitars, Inc. – the masters of creating this amazing unique sound.