The Radial JDI Direct Box

I first used the Radial JDI Direct Box at a recording session with Patty Scialfa, the wife of Bruce Springsteen, at their studio in New Jersey.

I later met Peter Janis, the president of Radial Engineering at the Audio Engineering trade show in L.A. and let him know how much I liked the Radial JDI. We’ve been friends ever since then and I continue to be a strong supporter and Radial continues to create innovative pro audio gear.

I like the Radial JDI with the Jensen transformer because it creates a clear full sound spectrum with plenty of clean low end, punch and no phase or harmonic distortion.

I’ve played through many direct boxes and the Radial JDI is clearly the best I’ve found.

In use, the signal path is from my bass, through any effects then into the JDI, a Mic preamp and into a digital converter or PA.

I’ve used the Radial JDI on all of the recordings I’ve done since 1996.