The Millennia TD-1

I first became aware of Millennia Pro Audio from various recording sessions in New York studios. Millennia audio equipment is also the preferred microphone pre amp for orchestral recordings because of the detailed and pristine sound it produces.

I like the Td-1 because of it’s flexibility as a combination audiophile mic preamp and equalizer which helps me shape my sound depending on the type of music I’m recording. On the mic preamp side it has Twin Topography which offers either solid state or vacuum tube amplifiers. The EQ section is very accurate, smooth and effective. It can produce a pristine sound or a full colored tube sound along with a wide range of EQ possibilities and it’s very portable, allowing me to take it to pro and project studios.

In use, I recommend first to bypass the EQ section and just listen to the sound of your instrument through the Mic pre in either solid state or tube mode. Many times I use the solid state mode for a pristine sound that my Pedulla basses call for.

When using the EQ section I usually boost the upper mids and highs.

We also use the TD-1’s for recording piano and the sound is exquisite.

Here are a few recordings that the MillenniaTD-1 was used:

Mark Egan – About Now
Mark Egan – Truth Be Told
Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart – Unit 1
Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart – Unit 2
Gianfranco Continenza – Dusting the Time

I generally only use the TD-1 for recording in the studio. Many players use it live but my preference is a tool for studio use.