Untold Stories

Released Date : 5 / May / 1995

Album Liner Notes

Mark Egan ­- Bass
Danny Gottlieb­ – Drums
Gil Goldstein -­ Keyboards
David Mann -­ Saxophone

Digitally Recorded Live in Japan
Engineered by Sakae “Flo” Tsuchida
Digital Editing and Mastering by Michael Landy
Produced by Mark Egan

A Wavetone Production
Art Direction/Design by Karin White
Photos by Ken Dashow

Thanks to: Zildjan Cymbols, M.V. Pedulla Basses, Ludwig Drums, SWR Amps, D’Addario Strings, Eames Drum Shells, Athlete Bass, Bartolini Pickups, Om Percussion, Hot Sticks, Lexicon, Straight Wire, Eventide, Visual Volume, Shure, Retrospec, Demeter, Tannoy, Platinum Audio and Haffler.

Special Thanks to: Our Families, Gil and David for their inspiring music, Michael Landy, Karin White, Masa Matsuzaki, Joe and Jean Morello, Rick Gentry, Mike Pedulla, Craig Peyton, Milan Simich, Joe and Pam MacSweeney, Jim Catalano, Clifford Carter, Bill Evans, Lew and Emily Solof, Stan Samole, Rich Brownstein, Jeff and Pat Ciampa, Anne and Iuko Matsui, Roger Lifeset, Pat and Bill Bartolini, Kevin and Chris Pokallus, James Lewis, Mike O’Donnell, Mike Petito, Jim and Janet D’Addario, John Dechristopher, John King, Kim “Wah” Baldwin, The Caster Reelers Association and the DADE.